A look back

It’s been already three days since I returned from one of the best summers so far. Many people ask me if I’m already used again to the Dutch lifestyle. To be completely honest, I don’t think that I was never not used to the Dutch lifestyle. Even when staying in the USA, I still felt like a Dutchie.

Does this mean that I’m glad to be back? I have mixed feelings about that. Of course, I’m glad to see my friends and family here, go to my beloved Groningen and sleep in my own bed. Would I give that up for reliving these past few weeks with these amazing people? Definitely. I would give a million if we could go back in time and relive those past weeks and have the experience all over again. I miss the atmosphere (even the humidity), the classes, the teachers, the staff, the city, but most of all I miss the people. My classmates, my friends.

I’ve learned a lot these past three weeks. I’ve learned that transferring in Russia isn’t the scariest thing on earth, even though you don’t and can’t understand the flight attendants or any of the staff working at the airport… I’ve learned that going to do a language course was amazing! Not only do you get the chance to develop your language skills – speaking skills in particularly – but you also develop your social skills. If you’re going to do the language course without a friend or anyone that you know, you’re forced to be open minded and social – at least, if you don’t want to spend the weeks all by yourself without friends.

I also learned that I look much younger than my actual age (which is 20) – the Uber driver in NYC thought I was 15, and also Niklas (yes, you Niklas, the German guy) was shocked by my real age. When you’re in D.C., there is no right or wrong age. I’ve made friends with people from the age 16 until 22 (at least, I think that Niklaus – Swiss guy, not the German guy, I know it’s confusing – is the oldest one…). It doesn’t matter what your age is, as long as you have common interests and senses of humor, you’ll be okay.

Also, I did never expect to become such close friends with people from Poland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Denmark, and Sweden. It’s really great to know that I’ve friends all over the world and not only in the Netherlands, Canada or Korea. It would be an absolute pleasure to meet you all in the future; you’re always welcome here in my country, but I’m also glad to visit you in yours!

Overall, one can say that the past three weeks were some of the best weeks in my life so far. It’s good to be back home even though I would love to come back with you guys. You made my stay so much more fun! I really fell in love with the city as well. I heard that the cherry blossoms in spring are absolutely stunning, so unfortunately, I have to go back another time… It has been my absolute pleasure spending three weeks in another city, living in another city, make another city my home.

Until we meet again.


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