I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks. Three amazing weeks since I got here and got to spend amazing weeks and meet wonderful people. I’m sad. Sad to leave this place behind. Sad to say goodbye. 

The past week has been amazing. I don’t even remember what we did exactly. Yesterday we went to Baltimore to the aquarium; that was pretty cool! The rest of the week, we saw things we wanted to see, hung out with people at the residence, said goodbye to people who were leaving on Saturday and Sunday, try not to cry when saying goodbye…

Today it was my turn to say goodbye. A farewell to friends who have become so dear to me. These people made my stay here in D.C. so much better, so much more fun. Having a group of people you can get along with is so important when you don’t know anybody in an unknown place. Meeting people with the same sense of humor and the same interests has absolutely contributed to a nicer stay here in the USA! Top it off with a dose of sarcasm and you’re good to go!

I’m currently traveling to the airport, my flight leaves at 14.45pm. Tomorrow around noon, I’ll be home again. In a land where people don’t think that my language is strange or harsh. In a country where the temperatures aren’t that high and where you can drink water from the tap. I’ll see my friends and family again, go home, sleep in my own bed. 

Although I’m glad to see everybody back home, it’s hard to say goodbye. These people have become my friends, dear friends whom I’d love to see in the future! It might be hard to keep in touch given that we’re all scattered. But I think it’s safe to say that I’ve made friends; friends in Mexico, in Poland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Korea, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Italy, and even in the Netherlands!

Its hard to say goodbye. But how lucky am I to say that? How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. We will meet again; maybe not next year (although I’d be up for that), maybe not the year after. But we’ll meet again: EFreunion!


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