From Russia with love

Goodmorning world!! So, here I am.. I’m no longer in the Netherlands, not even in Europe anymore.. I’ve landed this morning safely on Sheremetyevo at 4.35h am.. The day started with packing the last things. Of course, I had to ask my mom to properly pack my suitcase, so going back and packing then will be a nice challenge… I’m currently blogging from Moscow, sitting on the ground since there are no empty benches left.

We got on the train to the airport in time and I could check in at 21.00h pm.. Or at least, I thought I could. The line opened at 21.45h pm., so we were stuck there for a moment… Luckily for me, there was a big Russian family with lots of boxes wrapped in foil who were in line in front of me. After a while, I got my luggage checked in and I was good to go. So, there I went. On my own. To border security. Everything there went quite smooth and I got to my gate soon enough.

I was supposed to leave at 00.15h am.. However, we already had a big delay. Initially, the delay would be until 1.00 am.. It turned out that there was a delay on the delay, so at 1.15am., we could finally board our plane! I sat next to a very friendly Russian couple who would wake me up everytime that the flight attendant would come by to ask whether or not we wanted to drink something. I didn’t expect to get any snacks but we got a whole meal! So, I ate beef stroganoff with rice, carrots, a bread roll, and a nice side salad at 2.30h am…

We landed thus at 4.35h am. and I went straight to the desk to ask where I should go next. I met a very nice girl from France there who was also waiting in line. The line was endless, like really endless. There were at least ten people before us and after an hour waiting, it was finally my turn. Ha, guess again. A Russian lady from the airline skipped the line and asked if she could ask something real quick. Sure, I had all the time in the world, it wasn’t like I’ve been patiently waiting there for an hour now, but okay. So, her ‘real quick’ doesn’t resemble my real quick. Another 20 minutes later, I could finally ask where I had to go. Through passport control. Wow Linn, you could’ve figured that out on your own, couldn’t you? So I went through passport control and border security again.

Finding the gate wasn’t that hard, thank God. This morning has been a rough morning for the people working at the airport though. I overheard some people whose flights had been canceled. So, they had to get a new flight to different destinations. As mentioned before, I’m currently sitting on the ground at my gate, waiting to board the plane for another 10.30h flight, woohoop! There are many people sleeping on the ground here on matrasses, I guess they had to spend the night here…

Well, this is all for now. I’m safely sitting on the ground at Sheremetyevo. I’ll be boarding in about an hour, according to my boarding pass. We’ll see 😉 I should mention that I didn’t come up with the title for this blog; credits to Floor for bringing it up. Now, I really want to get some breakfast, so I think I’ll go and find something. After all, I do have 1200 Russian valuta to spend (that sounds like a lot, it is approximately €17,00…). Next blog will be from D.C.!

Stay tuned!


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