critical at customs

I have arrived! I’m super tired now, but anyways, I wanted to write just a little something about my trip to D.C.! So, the last time I blogged, I was in Moscow waiting for my flight to D.C.. In this post, I’ll tell you about that flight and about the trip to the campus!

I thought that my flight from Moscow to D.C. was going from Moscow over the north of Canada and then head for D.C.. It turned out that the flight went via Norway, Iceland and then went straight to D.C.. During this flight, I sat at a window seat which was really nice. Next to me sat a really nice guy from Seattle which whom I had a really nice talk. The flight lasted for about ten hours, so that was quite a while. Luckily enough, we had entertainment on board. This resulted in me struggling between sleeping and watching movies. I ended up watching several movies and not getting that much sleep..

The food on the plane was quite good. The sundae ice cream was also a nice surprise 🙂 However, I had many difficulties to understand the Russian pilot or flight attendant when speaking English… We didn’t have any delay with this flight nor had we much turbulence. It was a really smooth ride, as you could say..

When we landed, we had to go through custom services and passport control. Of course, a form of mine was missing. Not even by my mistake! I had to bring a certain form with me, or at least I should’ve brought it with me. However, the nice people at the US Consulate in Amsterdam had taken that form when I went there to apply for my visa.. Well, there I was. Visa and passport were okay, but I had to have that form. I was sent to the customs office and had to wait for a while. Fortunately, it wasn’t that important because after a while I was allowed in.. Thank God, I didn’t travel 18 hours for nothing then.

I was picked up by a really nice guy who drove me to the campus. I got my room and unpacked and took a shower. Which was really necessary… I’ve met already one of my roommates, she seems really nice. Tomorrow, I’ll have the whole day to myself. I might do a little sightseeing in the neighborhood and on Monday, the introduction will take place. Let’s begin!

Dinner starts in about 4 minutes, so I think I’ll go have a look even though I’m not really hungry. Afterward, I think I deserved a good night sleep, so I’ll be sound asleep in about an hour, hopefully… I better be, because I can’t keep my eyes open… Traveling with only four hours of sleep isn’t that good of an idea..

Stay tuned!



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